Germany’s Digital Strategy 2025: Meeting challenges, grasping opportunities

The digitalisation is changing the rules of our everyday lives, our careers, our entire economy and our society. We not only want to observe this rapid transition – we want to shape it. In Germany’s Digital Strategy 2025, we show how we plan to answer the questions of the future together.

Source: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI).

The ministry also wants to increase efforts “to speed up the modernisation of our administrative services to establish more efficient eGovernment.” Measures include a rapid adoption of the Act on Open Data and the provision of more data from the administrations for use by start-ups and established companies. “We are ensuring that the newest reform on the procurement law for EU-wide auctions, which introduced the obligatory e-procurement law, is applied as soon as possible. We are helping digital procurement procedures underneath EU thresholds make their way into all German procurement bodies”, the Ministry writes in its online white paper, published on 23 March.

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