WiBe Consulting: Assess (ICT) projects

Assess the economic efficiency of (ICT) projects and
pro­curement activities (‘Business Case Development with WiBe 4.1’)

WiBe Steps

“WiBe” is a practice-proven framework with which the monetary impact and additional qualitative arguments can be assessed comprehensively and transparently. Today, it is internationally recognised as evaluation approach and no justifi­cation for its application is needed .

Our services:

  • Identifying the essential economic aspects of the project (scope  – non scope), defining continuing and planning variants, planning process steps and milestones.
  • Creating the project’s specific list of criteria for measuring monetary and non monetary impact (based on WiBe framework predefined sets of criteria)
  • Planning data collection and data aggregation  and assist in collecting data
  • Taking care of QA quality assurance (data collection, verification, interpretation)
  • Producing the project’s final version of WiBe economic efficiency assessment
  • Documenting (and presenting) all relevant assumptions, calculations and conclusions which are needed by decision-makers
  • Empower project team to update WiBe assessment and to develop new business case as needed

Your projects and plans are evaluated systematically,
standardized and transparently.