WiBe Consulting: Implementing WiBe

Tailoring and Implementing the WiBe Framework for Economic
Efficiency Assessment / Business Case DevelopmentWiBe Implementation

Fitting the WiBe to different national and/or institu­tio­nal requirements – making the concept work and living up to expecta­tions

If your project / procurement situation looks like this …

“Of course, economic efficiency calculations are created within our administration, but this is mostly done unsystematically and not always meeting the requirements of internal controlling and external auditing. And yes, common procedures and methods are known at least to some. Unfortunately we don’t have a common understanding of how and when those methods should be applied, we need some sort of general procedures. WiBe might be useful …”

… our WiBe offer could be of interest for your organization:

  • Introducing the WiBe Framework to the target organization (main features and procedures, results and conclusions).
  • Examining current rules and tools in use concerning economic efficiency assess­ments in the target organization.
  • Initial WiBe training on the project, coaching of pilot projects, evaluation of pilot experiences.
  • Designing approach and procedures for economic efficiency assessments within your orga­niza­tion (based on the German WiBe Framework and your pilot experiences) – calcula­tions will become uniform, low-cost, transparent and audit-proof.
  • Optional: our browser based WiBe software tool may be tailored to the specific requirements of the target organization (including translation into national language).

Economic Efficiency Assessment becomes more reliably and quicker than before, it’s standardized, transparent, less expensive and audit-proof 

Countries where the WiBe Framework has already been presented and applied include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Danemark, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States