WiBe = Economic Efficiency Assessment

Investments in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) aim at improving the overall efficiency of the agency and enterprise. Arriving at a consensus about efficiency of an ICT project is not always simple - assessment of economic efficiency leads to frequent discussions.
Planning and approving ICT projects requires founded, methodical calculation and documentation of pending costs and anticipated benefits – not just an examination of a project’s feasibility. Economic efficiency assessments must carefully consider the aspects beyond the monetary effects in order to facilitate a sound decision. This is where the WiBe Framework comes in. Read on

WiBe TCBO and TCO ...

WiBe is the leading concept for efficiency calculations in Germany and increasingly in Europe and beyond. There are other approaches with pros and cons ... Read on

WiBe-TEAM Consulting

WiBe Framework

Fitting the WiBe to different national and/or institutional requirements - making the concept work and living up to the expecta­tions of decision makers and project managers (optional: WiBe software tailoring)
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WiBe / TCO Projects

Assess the economic efficiency (‘Business Case Development with WiBe 5.0’) of projects and procurement activities (Conceptualization, Data gathering, Calculations, QA, Documentation, Presentation)
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WiBe Workshops

Empowering project teams and/or organizational units to assess the economic efficiency of projects based on the WiBe methodology and Business Case Development