The New CIO Agenda – Intel Cloud Computing Insights 2011

Today, business survival depends on IT innovation. Enterprise cloud computing presents CIOs with tremendous opportunities to deliver that innovation—by thinking like CEOs in order to play a strategic role in driving new revenue and reducing costs. To help CIOs plan their cloud strategies, we’ve collected expert guidance from organizations with keen insights into cloud computing:

  • Diane Bryant, Intel’s CIO, describes how Intel IT’s enterprise private cloud helps deliver business innovation and has saved USD 17 million to date. Page 5 »
  • Management consulting firm Bain & Company explains how to tackle the biggest cloud challenge that enterprises face: changing organizational culture. Page 10 »
  • NYSE Technologies’ cutting-edge extended private cloud helps financial firms develop new products faster and incur less risk. Page 11 »

We also include stories about how Intel, industry, and academia are working together to solve cloud challenges and create groundbreaking new capabilities:

  • Intel’s USD 30 million investment in new research centers is designed to make clouds dramatically faster, increasingly scalable, and more secure in the future. Page 4 »
  • The Open Data Center Alliance — an independent organization of global IT leaders — is defining a roadmap of the capabilities needed for interoperable clouds. Page 8 »

Intel recognizes that cloud computing is the future of enterprise IT, and our goal is to spur innovations that empower companies to achieve ongoing business success.

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